Reykjavik is the city of Norse myths. Here, you can admire the beautiful waterfront with an extraordinary statue of Arnason.


Relatively close there is the famous Hovdi House, not open to the public, but not less attractive, still. As a backdrop, it has a record number of selfies!

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What to see in Reykjavik

While walking around the city, make sure you see Harpa Concert Hall made of thousands of crystals, so that it is literally glittering in the sun.

And if to continue with the amazing architecture of the city, then you should definitely take a look at a stunning Catholic church, Landakotskirkja. It is open to the public most of the time (the schedule depends on holidays and fasting). Built in the neo-Gothic style, it looks really impressive.

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You will feel the beat of life once you are walking along the main shopping street, Laugavegur. There are plenty of souvenirs sold here during the day, and at night time they open numerous bars and night clubs that can satisfy any taste. So, for 24 hours, life is in full swing in this street.

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Unusual landmarks of the capital of Iceland

Being in the land of Vikings and elves, you should not miss out Arbaejarsafn Folklore Museum. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, a ticket for an adult is $14 and the admission for kids is free. 

Lake Tjornin in Reykjavik also deserves some attention - it is very beautiful and is considered one of the purest in the world. It looks especially fascinating in winter, when some space is being warmed with thermal springs in order to protect the birds.

If you want to walk around the capital in the night, make sure you find a panoramic platform or just some spot from where you can see Videy Island. This is the place, where the memorial "Peace Tower" in honor of John Lennon, is located. The view of the rays, that are piercing the sky, is just breathtaking.

And this is not all, that you can see in Reykjavik, as there are plenty of more interesting and just astonishing things here. Come and see it by yourself!

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