Iceland is an incredibly beautiful country located on an island that has preserved an amazing nature due to its remoteness from the civilization.


People come here to see the mountains and lakes, take a ride along the picturesque coast, get acquainted with its charming towns and enjoy a unique local way of life.

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What to see in Iceland

Once you arrive in Iceland, of course, first of all, it is worth exploring its capital, Reykjavik. I am telling more about what to see in Reykjavik in this article.

If you are planning to rent a car and have a drive around Iceland, then, you can visit the Tingvedlir National Park, located just 50 km from the capital.  And after that, continue your journey to the south of Iceland.

When you are in the southern part of the country, go to see the Gullfoss Falls. Falling from 70 meters height, it breaks into 2 sections. The fall is especially beautiful after the rain and floods. And if you drive up to the southernmost point of Iceland to Cape Dirholaei, you can also have a walk along the black volcanic beach of Reinisfjara.

To the northeast, there is another waterfall - Dettifoss


It is "only" 44 meters high, but is about 100 meters wide.


This place very frequently appears on the photographs or video, so it might seem familiar to you. But your personal impressions will be something totally different.

And a real attraction of the northern part is the town of Husavik, as you can watch whales in this place. There is also a museum of whales working from 8:30 a.m. till 6:30 p.m.

There is even a whole area in Iceland that has become a tourist attraction. It is Vestfirdir that, in a way, reminds of Norway. Just like in Norway, you can see here fjords and a very picturesque coast with rugged cliffs and very harsh sea...

Unusual sights of Iceland

There are some attractions in Iceland that can amaze even the most experienced travelers. For example, at the southern end of the island, there is a village, called Vik, with a completely black beach. The coast there has also very picturesque cliffs, and if to believe legends, they used to be trolls until they were caught by the sun.

And in case you reach Merry Bay, you will see an unusual installation under the open sky - 34 giant eggs made of stone. They are the exact copies of the eggs laid by the birds that inhabit these lands. And, by the way, not a single one of them is the same as the other!

Assistance in planning your personal travel route

Iceland is a really fabulous country. And you will, definitely, see this by going there either on a personal trip or taking a tour.

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