London… The city of business, the capital of love, a citadel of fog… These are the names given to one and the same city, depending what every visitor will remark there for own self. The capital of Great Britain is one of the most expensive cities in the world.


You will have to pay a significant amount for a hotel in the city center, or spend a fortune on transport, staying in the outskirts. However, the sight-seeing here for weeks will not require a penny.

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What to see in London

Hyde Park

If you are thinking, what to see in London, start with Hyde Park! You can easily allocate 1.5-2 hours for it.

Here you can find the "freedom of speech”. The Speakers Corner is the favorite place of speakers. And you can look at the Marble Arch or see the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

It is possible to rent a boat and have a ride around Lake Serpentine during the warm months. There is also a majestic Prince Albert Memorial and the famous Albert Hall on the opposite side of the street.

You can finish your tour around Hyde Park with the visit to the residence of the royal family, Kensington Palace.

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Soho district

Visit Leicester Square with two famous cinemas, Odeon and Empire. It is a regular venue for the release of the European cinematographic art premieres, and the square, itself, is known as a meeting point of the British stars of show business. This is where you can encounter Benedict Cumberbatch or Emma Watson.

The fans of Harry Potter can see the show "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" in the Palace Theatre

Baker Street

If you want to pay a visit to Sherlock, go to Sherlock Holmes Museum on221b Baker Street. Just keep in mind, that during summer, the queue to Sherlock's house can stretch far along the street, so it is better to come here earlier. And only in winter, there are almost no tourists here.


By the way, “Sherlock” with B.Cumberbatch was filmed not in Baker Street, but in 187 North Gower Street, and only the exterior of the building was used for shooting. And the interior of Sherlock's apartment was arranged in Cardiff film studio. 

Covent Garden

If you are lucky enough, you can get the tickets to Royal Opera House.


And don’t miss out the famous Covent Garden market, where you can see street live performances, have a snack in one of the cafes and purchase souvenirs or some handmade things.

It is also nice to wander into Seven Dials area or into colorful Neal's Yard in London's Covent Garden between the streets of Shorts Garden and Monmouth.

Look into the Museum of London Transport, where at week-ends in summer you can see some vehicles displayed even in the street in front of the museum. It is also located just near the Covent Garden market.

Have a nice stroll along Shad Thames, a historical street next to the Tower Bridge on the southern side of the Thames, not widely known by tourists.


From this side of the river you can find another picturesque view of the Tower Bridge that opens from the waterfront full of restaurants and cafes.

London Attractions

Visit the most famous landmarks of London:

- Madame Tussauds Museum,

- Victoria and Albert Museum,

- Buckingham Palace,

- Westminster,

- The Tower of London,

- Big Ben,

- The National Gallery (London's largest gallery).

Admire the beauty of St. Paul's Cathedral and after that, have a walk across London Millenium Footbridge to the opposite side of the Thames, from where you can see the panoramic view of all defining landmarks of London.

Take a picture with the Tower Bridge as a backdrop and stroll the Thames riverside, watching the rising of the bridge. Lie on the lawn of the panoramic terrace with the view of the Tower Bridge. And don’t forget to walk along the bridge and climb one of its towers to see the museum there. You can also take a boat ride right under the Tower Bridge.

Famous streets of London

Stroll along the most famous streets of London. What is special about London is that every second street her is a tourist attraction:


- Oxford Street, the most visited shopping street of London,

- Piccadilly, one of the most vibrant streets in the world, located in Westminster, the downtown of London,

- London City, an amazing fusion of the mediaeval architecture and futurism,

- Soho, one of the busiest areas of the city, the place, where you can see the bank clerks side by side with street performers.

Notting Hill

Have a trip to Notting Hill, the most expensive and beautiful high-end area of London, well-known due to the movie with the same name. You will be admiring the unique architecture of London as well as taking at least three dozen pictures beside the colorful doors of every house of Notting Hill.

And, then, slowly wander into Portobello Market, the antiques’ market of Notting Hill. Visit its vintage shops, look into its weird shop windows, purchase something really special or, if it rains, hide in one of the lovely local cafes.

London Eye 

You cannot leave London without taking a ride on theLondon Eye, as it is the tallest observation wheel in Europe and in the world. But do it during the sunset and only in clear weather! You will not see anything special in the day time, except the city panorama, and only the view of London from the London Eye during the sunset will make you fall in love with this city once and for ever! But be prepared for the queue for half an hour or even an hour. The tickets can be purchased online on this website.

There are also Private Pods available for parties, birthdays, weddings, dinners and romantic dating. You can book it online here, and enter the London Eye without waiting in line.

What to taste in London

Try the most delicious cakes inPeggy Porschen. This famous bakery is known for its fantastic cupcakes, pastry and fancy cakes. Mrs.Porschen, the author of the recipes, is a benchmark for the most of confectionery factories. So, it will be a big mistake not to visit this Majestic café when you are in London.


The cafe is located in Belgravia, few meters from Victoria Station on 116 Ebury Street.

Peggy Porschen is not only a confectionery outlet, but it is also a bakery school for the future culinary masters.

Magnificent cakes of L'eto cafe.

The cafe is located on 155 Wardour Street in Soho.

A piece of cake is £ 6.50 and coffee is from £4. But I should say, that their lychee & rose cake is a real anti-stress drug.

There are some other places in London, where you can find Cafe L'eto:

149 King's Road,

243 Brompton Road,

10 West Halkin Street,

46-48 Shepherd Market.

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