Photo shoot in Iceland

Photo shoot in Iceland will provide you with the high quality pictures that you will bring from this northern beautiful country. This is the place, where geysers, stunning waterfalls and ice caves, magnificent green hills and the energy of the ocean together with the tranquility of the mountains are creating one beautiful symphony of your impressions!

This country is for those who are in love with nature and the beauty of natural forces, who have the courage for a romantic adventure! The weather here is the most unpredictable condition. It is windy all year round and it rains very often, but the thunder is not common. And there is a lot of snow during winter months. In winter it is 0 C and in summer +10 C. Any time of the year you need warm clothes for the photo shoot here!

Photographer in Iceland

Photographer in Iceland can arrange so, that any special moment of your life will be captured by the professional camera. It can be the engagement or a honeymoon, love story, or a romantic trip, or a personal photo shoot in the superb locations of this fabulous country - glaciers, volcanoes and waterfalls. 

Couples photoshoot in Iceland

Engagement, pre wedding, honeymoon or vacation photoshoot in Iceland will portray an authentic story of your love on the background of the severe and surreal landscapes of Iceland. The photographer will be able to create very romantic and emotional images with love pledges, smiles, hugs and kisses on the fantastic sceneries of Island. What can be more important for the just married, than memorizing the best moment of life in the unique images? 


And these images of a romantic walk in Iceland were done by my college Anna, the professional photographer in Iceland. You can also arrange a photo shoot by using the link page, where you will see the details.

Iceland photography price

Typically, the local photographer prices start from 900 EUR:


6 hours - 900 EUR

Full day - 1500 EUR



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Wedding in Iceland

When it concerns the wedding, the couples are looking for the best way to capture and memorize this event in the best possible way. To prepare in advance and travel to Iceland to express your love story through the incredibly beautiful photo shoot is the decision of the true adventurers! The wedding in Iceland would be an extraordinary event with the lifetime memories.

Wedding photographer in Iceland

Wedding photographer in Iceland is ready to dip the romantic union of your hearts in the wild fabulous and impressive atmosphere and to highlight your feelings on the background of stunning, unforgettable nature. Iceland is the only country, where such special and stunning images can be done - no other country will give you such an opportunity. And the professional photographer is the one, who can do this.

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Iceland, you can find details and price on this page