Malta is, certainly, one of the best atmospheric places on the planet, perfect for a relaxing vacation. But on top of that, it is an ideal place, where, being on holiday, you can also improve the level of your English at the same time.


The easiest way to get to Malta:

Direct flights done by Air Malta from Europe and UK, from Moscow 3 times a week and from St. Petersburg 2 times a week as well as.


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Photographer in Malta

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Hotels in Malta

I stayed in the town of St. Julian's, which is, in my opinion, the most popular and vibrant location of Malta. The life here is very exciting - nightclubs, restaurants, bars, beaches, the best hotels and numerous English language schools for those who want to combine pleasure with learning.

Whenever I have to choose a hotel, first of all, I am checking the reviews and recommendations. My choice of Marina Hotel, which is a part of a big resort complex, Corinthia Beach Resort, was driven by high-quality service, outdoor pools and gorgeous views of St. George Bay.

Corinthia Hotel Chain —

Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort in St. Julian's —

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ECabs. Taxi in Malta

By the way, I recommend you to use a convenient carrier, ECabs, for traveling around Malta. The driver met me with a sign at the airport and brought me to my hotel in 20 minutes.

What to see in Malta


Most tourists coming to Malta choose its capital, Valletta, as their first stop. This is a city with strong and indisputable significance in the history of the Knights of St. John. Comfort, peacefulness, fun, lavish restaurants… What else do you need for a holiday?

The city itself, like a priceless museum, represents a collection of amazing architectural masterpieces. Many people consider Valletta as one of the most concentrated architectural cities in the world.

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What to see in Valletta

Sliema and St. Julian's

During your vacation on Malta, you should definitely visit Sliema and St. Julian's. Both of these coastal cities are full of comfortable restaurants and nightclubs and are literally meant for an amazing weekend. However, the former quiet fishing village of St Julian's is considered more picturesque. It is also close to Paceville known for its multitude of nightclubs and bars. Valletta was not always the capital of Malta.

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What to see in Sliema


Mdina, a small, picturesque town, was founded about 4 000 years ago. Many buildings were destroyed in the devastating earthquake in the 17th century. The comfort of staying in this amazing city, in some way, is determined by the absence of transport that is partially prohibited here. Because of this, it received the nickname "quiet town".

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What to see in Mdina

Gozo Island

Gozo, a picturesque island in the Mediterranean Sea, is really worth mentioning as well. Pleasant recreation, multitude of beaches, rides on big rowing boats, amazing hotels - all this can be found in Gozo. If you are looking for a peaceful rest, and even a creative inspiration, you can find it in Birgu, a small, but very beautiful, quiet and cozy town. There are buildings with magnificent architecture right on the seaside and modern yachts lined along the pier.

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What to see in Gozo
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