Gozo, Malta

How to get to Gozo

The island of Gozo is a real paradise in the Mediterranean Sea and an actual historical monument, where Finnicians, Arabs, Romans and the French were coming by ships as long as for thousands of years.


Every civilization and nation has left its traces on this island.

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The island features an abundance of landmarks from which your eyes can get lost. That is why you should, definitely, go there for at least one day.

You can reach Gozo by ferry within 30 minutes.


Ferries go from Cirkewwa Harbour and Mgarr Harbour every half an hour.


Ferry ticket prices:


For children - €1.15

For adults -€4.65

Passenger + car - €15.70 

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Photographer on Gozo

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What to see in Gozo

Dwejra is an amazing coastline, surrounded by the cliffs breaking the wave dozens of times every minute. Here you can swim in the shallow waters of the inland sea, bask in the Blue Abyss and enjoy staying beside the Azure Window. Azurro is a lime rock about 28 meters high, carved by the nature as an arch.

WiedIl-Għasri is the most picturesque and beautiful place where, in a natural way, the rocks of the mountains in combination with blue sea channels have turned into amazing natural masterpieces.

Ramla bay is the best beach on Malta, featuring the incredible colors of the sea together with gorgeous landscapes that can be observed from the panoramic platform above the bay.

Saltpants is an extraordinary place, another natural masterpiece in Malta with sand formations in the shape of curved squares with the deposited pure sea salt in the middle of each one. This place is on the north coast of Gozo, near Qbajjar Bay, west of Marsalforn.

As for a place for lunch, I recommend the restaurant "Ta 'Frenc" on Ghajn Dame Street, Xaghra, Gozo. They offer a choice of Italian, French and Mediterranean cuisines. It is an incredibly beautiful place that has a luxurious interior and the reviews of celebrities on the walls. The quality and the taste of the food are absolutely fantastic. This is where you would be sitting for hours.

Assistance in planning your personal
travel route

The island of Gozo is amazingly suitable both for ones who like peaceful beach recreation and for those who like exciting active holidays. For example, we travelled around the island in jeeps and were able to go off-road and reach the most amazing and picturesque places of Gozo.

And besides that, the architecture of Gozo is as impressive as its extraordinary sea & land formations and breathtaking views.

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