What to see in Valensole?

If you are travelling to the Lavender fields of Valensole you should definitely drop in the village of Valensole that you will pass by on your way there.


I like to watch the sunrise in the Lavender fields (5:54 a.m. in the summer) and on the way back I often visit this old village to walk its antique streets and have some coffee with fresh croissants from the local bakery.


All about the Lavender fields you can find in my publication here. My story about the town itself is below.

Lavender fields

Attractions of Valensole

You can drop your car at the big free public parking on the Boulevard Frederic Mistral. If you are going by navigator, Google Maps will easily guide you to this parking place single in Valensole.

Climb the stairs of a narrow street that will bring you to the main road and the square of the village. As attractions you can find here just a fountain, a bakery, a cafe and a couple of restaurants - Comptoir de Valerie and Le P’tit Resto, a butcher store with local delicious meat produce Le Petit Testard, the Town Hall, the central hotel of the city, Hotel de Ville, and few souvenir stores selling a variety of lavender added produce (essential oils, creams, soaps, lavandulaand postcards).

On your left, you will see some monument and very cozy benches in the shade of the trees.

The village itself is not very remarkable in terms of landmarks, but it is an absolutely wonderful location for a nice morning walk around its authentic streets, yards and colorful houses.

As the landmarks worth seeing in Valensole I can recommend the church Eglise Saint-Blaise de Valensole and Chapelle Saint Mayeul.

After that, you have to treat yourself with coffee and a croissant in the café called “Oriental”. Its patio is facing a small square in front of the Hotel de Ville. It is located on the main road passing throughout the village. And this is the only café in the village open from 7 a.m.

You will see few local people that pop in here to have a coffee and a chat. They will definitely greet you with their common “Ca va?” Just few meters from here towards the fountain there is a bakery selling the freshest croissants. 

Assistance in planning your individual travel itinerary

It is important to mention, that if you are travelling from Marseille or Avignon to see the sunrise in the Lavender fields you need to start your journey at around 4 a.m. On the entire way to Valensole there is not a single cafe or a petrol station where you might get a sandwich, coffee or water. Therefore, I really recommend this small café that is offering food at these early hours.

Photographer in Valensole

In summer I am mostly available in the Lavender fields. So, if you need a professional photographer, I am at your service! I can share with you all my knowledge about the lavender fields blooming here from late June until mid -August!

Photographer in Lavender fields
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