Photo shoot in Lavender fields

Photo shoot in the Provence will make you the owner of amazing pictures, that will keep the memories of your unforgetteable journey to Valensole and other French provinces for the rest of your life.

Lavender is wonderful after the rain, as well as in the sunshine, it is magic in the dawn and during the sunset. That’s why there is no specific best time for the photo shoot, it can be any time of the day.


The period for shooting is from July, 1st  till August, 8th 

Photographer in Lavender fields of Valensole

It is not simple to come to the fields and make the pictures on your own. First of all, it is hard to find really tidy and beautiful fields with high plants and long straight rows. Also, the selection of specific locations depends on the moment of the day, the details, known only by Professional photographer.

For example, at the dawn time there will be soft light, and the skies will be slightly shaded with pink. There is only one suitable field for such a delicate morning photos session. Closer to noon, the direct day light does not allow the photos to reflect the intensive lavender color. Also, the heat of the noon makes the photo shoot uncomfortable. During the blossom period the heat varies from +30 C to + 38 C. Therefore, the most comfortable and colorful photo shoot is during the sunset.

Therefore, depending on the time, Photographer will select few specific locations, embedding the mountains landscape, as well as the view of the lavender rows rolling up to the horizon.

How to get to Lavender fields  of Valensole

It is hardly possible to get to the fields by the public transport. You can take a train or bus from Marcel to Manosque and from there a bus to Valensole (scheduled twice a day), and from Valensole there is only a bicycle ride. So, the best way is to rent a car or book a Photo shoot, including the transfer.

Lavender fields photography price

Typically, the local photographer prices start from 700 EUR:


2 hours - 700 EUR

4 hours - 950 EUR


You will find more details and current prices for a photoshoot in Valensole here.



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The best time to do photoshoot in Lavender Fields

Photo shoot in Valensole have to be planned in the first 2 weeks of July as most fields are getting cut in 20 th of July, so on 18-20 of July you still will find the lavender in the field, but on 23rd of July - definitely not.

The end of July till the beginning of August you will have to search for lavender in the region of Sault. At least, I know one field, which is being cut on 15th of August.