Sometimes the reason of my travel is not quite ordinary. For example, I decided to visit Toulouse because it is a birth town of Geoffrey de Peyrac, Angelique's husband, if you remember. He was a Count of Toulouse. Toulouse is mentioned in French classical literature probably more than a thousand times.

What to see in Toulouse

Toulouse is the capital of the south-west region of France stretching along the banks of the famous Garonne River and it hosts the headquarters of the European Space Research Center.


Besides that, it is also a great place for shopping, photo shoot and tourism. There are countless churches, museums and gardens that make Toulouse a fabulous corner of France and of the world.

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Hotels in Toulouse

I decided to stay in the Grand Hotel de l'Opera in the historical center of Toulouse. The hotel is located in the famous square Place du Capitole, right in the middle of “the city of roses”. This incredible hotel designed by the best architects and designers will let you immerse yourself in a relaxing holiday surrounded by the exquisite luxury.

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Attractions of Toulouse

Capitole de Toulouse is the square in the city center. This very lively place will make you feel like home in Toulouse. It houses farmers' markets, the row of art galleries, and even a venue for weddings.

Small shops, restaurants and numerous cafes are all around the place. The National Theatre of Toulouse and the City Hall are also here. The square is never empty - there is always a music playing and something is happening.

And right the middle of the square, in front of the Capitole, there is the laid out Languedoc Cross framed by the Zodiac signs.

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Besides, you can easily get into the courtyard of the Capitole bearing the name of Henry IV — there is a statue of Henry IV dated to the 17th century. The main hall of the Capitole is not always available for visits because of regular wedding ceremonies, but the rest of the halls are open for public.

Basilica of Saint Sernin is the most famous church in Toulouse.
This symbol of the epochal milestone of the city is one of the biggest churches of France. Located just 5 min of the town square this monumental masterpiece is really worth seeing. The architecture of the church is just magnificent and the level of integration of art objects into its interior design is absolutely amazing! When the church is not occupied, you can have a tour around, watch the service and listen to the captivating organ playing.

Opposite the Basilica, there is Saint-Raymond Museum in the St. Sernin square.

The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Entrance fee is 4 € for adults and free for children and students.

Augustinian Museum of Toulouse is the largest fine art museum in the city.

This museum has everything that you would think of – statues, paintings, special collections, and an incredible abundance of art objects - Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance works of art spanning few centuries and even a XX century’s modern art collection.

It is housed in the building of the former Augustinian monastery of the XIII century – a complex of a beautiful church with unique, unrivalled architecture, the monastery and the garden. This is one of those places in Toulouse, where everything- from the interior to the façade of buildings- is full of elegance.


You should also have a walk along the Rue du Taur and visit the Vicens chocolate shop at 38, Rue du Taur. And even if you are not buying anything, at least, taste some sweets sampled here for free.

You will not be able to pass by the church of Notre-Dame du Taur as well.

After visiting the city center of Toulouse, walk towards the embankment of the Garonne River with the oldest bridge of Toulouse, Pont-Neuf.

You can walk along the riverside or look inside Notre Dame de la Daurade.

Bike rental in Toulouse

The traffic of Toulouse is very well organized for cyclists, so it is just a pleasure to move around the city by bike. Bike parks are scattered around the city in a distance of 150-300 m.

For renting a bike you need to register on the website

One day rent is 1.20 €, one week rent is 5 €.

The first half an hour of rent is free, every next 30 minutes - 0.5 €.

You can also take a bike many times and use it for free for half an hour moving from one location to another.

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