Positano is a quiet, lovely town and resort on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. A wonderful combination of the sea with the mountains makes it look very picturesque – the cascade of the houses with olive and orange groves around, going down the hill to the sea.


You can reach Positano and other cities of the Amalfi Coast by bus or ferry from Salerno within an hour, and in this case, it is more convenient to fly, first of all, to Naples or Rome.

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What to see in Positano

1) You can start your city tour right from the city center. The entire district is pedestrian, so in case if you come to Positano by car, you have to leave it in the parking lot, as there is no parking on the streets. I suggest using the parking lot at Viale Pasitea, 1.

2) Then, you can go down to Positano Sea Port. It is a very interesting and vibrant harbor. In the morning fishermen can sell to you the fish from the catch, gut it in front of you and bake in salt. It is very unusual and delicious! The process itself is extremely exciting.

3) One of the main attractions of Positano is the Church of St. Maria Assunta. Located in the Downtown, it stands out the other buildings as much as you will not be able to pass it by. It dates back to the 10th century.  There is a bell tower of the beginning of the XVIII century adjacent to the church. Thanks to the restoration, everything is quite well-preserved.

4) One more landmark is the Palace of Murat. Now it hosts a hotel, but the prices for the rooms are very impressive. However, there is no problem to come inside and have a look. And next to this building, there is a beautiful botanical garden, where you can admire its unique courtyard and very rare antique furniture.

5) Another attraction of the city is Cristoforo Colombo Street, the main street of the city. The buildings here are very picturesque and it offers an amazing view on the city as well.

6) It is important to mention, that over a hundred years, Positano has been attracting artists from all over the world. Lots of painters come here to admire the beauty of this place and enjoy its hospitality, amazing climate and wonderful cuisine. They might paint the city differently, but there is always one common element - the same warmth and love. If you are a fan of modern art, you can visit one of the numerous exhibitions in the mini-galleries of Positano. All of them have free entrance.

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7) By the way, regarding the cuisine. It was in Positano, where the famous pizza "Margarita" and Mozzarella cheese were invented. The original Mozzarella is made of the buffalo milk. The city's signature dish is grilled Mozzarella. It is served on the lemon leaves that give the dish a touch of freshness and citrus energy. You just have to try it!

8) As for the restaurants, in case you are really well-off financially, check out the "Ristorante La Sponda" on Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30. They have an excellent cuisine and service, as well as an amazing sea view! The price for one dish can be up to 90 €, just keep it in mind.

9) But if you prefer something simpler and less expensive, I can recommend "Da Ferdinando" on Via Fornillo, 24, a cozy family restaurant that offers 1 liter of an excellent wine only for 10 €. They serve very delicious seafood, cheeses and pasta as well. And their sauces are the real examples of Positano culinary art.

10) The beach in Positano is not very cheap - 2 sun beds and an umbrella will cost you from 32 €.

11) In the evening, a walk along the promenade would be the best. The town is especially beautiful in a night time.

12) If you are looking for a small budget trip to the Amalfi Coast, I recommend the stay in Minori. It has the most affordable accommodation on the entire coast, and you can reach all the towns - Amalfi, Ravello, Salerno - by bus or a car. A ferry can also take you to Capri, where you can stay for a day.

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