What to see in Menaggio

Menaggio is the most lively youth- city on Lake Como that has the biggest number of clubs and a variety of entertainment. And, of course, there are landmarks as well.


You can get to Menaggio by ferry from Varenna that can be reached by train from Milan within an hour.

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Photographer in Menaggio

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Attractions of Menaggio

The icon of the city is St. Stephen Church. It dates back to 1600 year, but the building is very well- preserved and, due to this fact, it already draws attention. With its pink facade and not ordinary dome, the church has become a real decoration of the town.

The embankment of Menaggio can be also referred to as a landmark, at least due to its pier dating back to the XIX century. The locals are proud of it, as the construction appeared during Vigoni. And now it is an essential element of the city’s history. By the way, the local authorities also use it as their residence nowadays.

Garibaldi Square is also in the list of Menaggio attractions. This is a historical center with surprisingly picturesque streets. It is very close to the harbor, so the walk here will be pleasant and refreshing due to the light breeze.

And if you move along the small cobbled streets, you can get to the Castello district. Once there was an ancient fortress that became the foundation of the city. Now there are only walls left from it. However, it will be interesting to take a look at them. And then, you can go shopping or just have a coffee in one of the restaurants.

What to taste in Menaggio

Try ice-cream at gelateria "La Fabbrica del Gelato" on Via Carlo Porta, 1. This ice-cream outlet is located right on the main square of Menaggio and the ice-cream here is fantastically delicious!

At Cassera Moretti bakery on Via Carlo Camozzi, 12, you will plunge into a wonderful atmosphere, taste excellent coffee and delicious confectionery. They also sell souvenir sets that you can buy as a gift!

Ferry car to Menaggio

You can visit several cities on Lake Como during a day.


For €15 day ticket you can get by ferry to Bellagio, Varenna and Lecco.

And for €25 you can go to the south of the lake, to the town of Como.

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