What to see in Bellagio

Bellagio is different from all the other villages on Lake Como. It is located a bit higher, than the others, its houses are much brighter and it is more expensive.


This town has luxury hotels, cozy restaurants, gift stores, local silk products and jewelry shops.


You can get to Bellagio by ferry from Varenna or Como that are reachable by train from Milan in one hour. 

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Photographer in Bellagio

If you are interested in a photo shoot in Bellagio, the cost of the photographer’s services in Bellagio and other cities on Lake Como is usually from €300 (for a 2-hour shoot).

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Attractions in Bellagio 

Bellagio Promenade. One of the attractions, that really deserve attention, is the embankment. It is remarkable not only due to its view of the lake, but also because the trees here are almost reaching the water. It is especially beautiful scenery, when they start blooming.

City Park. Bellagio's real pride is its park that stretches up to the top of the cape that houses the town. In the warm period of the year starting from 15 April, it opens twice a day (at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. with a guide). Monday is a day-off.


This is one of the most beautiful parks in Italy, where you can see Italian gardens, caves, and a Romanesque church located on the top. They even managed to build in the remains of the old fortress walls into the landscape design.

Chiesa San Giacomo Basilica.


Of course, the town would not exist without ancient religious buildings. In Bellagio, it is the Basilica of San Giacomo, that they started to build in the XI century and finished only in the next century.


The building of the church is of the Romanesque style, and even of its Lombardy interpretation.


It preserved an ancient crucifix, an altar that is about 500 years old, and magnificent mosaic. The latter is "just" a bit older, than 100 years.

What to buy in Bellagio

Of course, the products of natural silk! There are scarves and shawls of local manufacture, available in a variety of prints and colors. And by the way, you will not find such anywhere else in Italy.

The largest selection of natural silk products is offered in the store "AZALEA" on the street Salita Serbelloni.

Bellagio Villas

For a complete acquaintance with the city you can visit the villas, especially because there are few of them here. Villa Melzi that was adored by F. Liszt is also located here. They say that he was getting his inspiration here. Even his favorite Moorish pavilion has been preserved in the garden adjacent to the main building. You can visit this sight from March until October. It is open for visits from 09 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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Many people also prefer Villa Trivulzio. It has been perfectly preserved and there is a vast English park around it. The good about Bellagio is that there is a choice, where to go. And the town has a number of interesting worth-seeing places.

Bellagio Ferry

Bellagio can be reached by ferry from Como, Varenna and other towns of Lake Como.

You can buy a day ticket for ferry car and visit few towns in one day.

The ticket for €15 allows you to visit the cities located between Lecco and Menaggio.

And for €25, you can go from here to Como village located in the southern part of the lake.

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