Making a wish in Rome

Where to make a wish in Rome

Not to make a wish in Rome is the same as not to taste the original Italian ice cream! Rome has its own special vibes, so that all the wishes made in Rome come true.

1. Rub the feet of St. Peter in St. Peter's Cathedral.
2. Put your hand and in the Mouth of Truth.
3. The hole in the Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta identified by the long queue to the big green door.
4. There is an Infant Jesus statue in Santa Maria in Ara coeli church in the Capitolium where they put the letters with wishes.
5. Rub the elephant's tail in front of the church Santa Maria sopra Minerva on the left side of the Patheon.
6. And, by all means, dropping coins in Trevi Fountain (Piazza di Trevi). 

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How to make a wish near Trevi Fountain

It is important to throw the coin with your left hand over the right shoulder standing with your back to the fountain.

One coin - to come back,
Two coins - to find your love,
Three coins - to marry,
Four coins - (less people know) to divorce successfully.



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