Baden-Baden is a famous German resort town, known around the world due to its thermal springs.


Lots of prominent people have been coming here within the period of hundreds of years to get treatment and just to relax. F. M. Dostoevsky was one of them, for example.


I stopped in Baden-Baden on Christmas Eve to catch in a bit of festive vibes and continue the way to the real Christmas fairy-tale, which is Strasbourg (My story about it is here.)

“Pobeda” has regular flights from Moscow to Baden-Baden, and just before the departure, I have bought a ticket for 3000 RUB, which is why I started my Christmas journey from this city and went further through Strasbourg, Colmar, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg to Prague.

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Photographer in Baden-Baden

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What to see in Baden-Baden

It is not possible to imagine the acquaintance with Baden-Baden without visiting the Caracalla Therme. They are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The entry fees are €15 for 1.5 hours or €23 for the whole day. This will allow you use the pools with different mineral water and visit a number of saunas. They also provide many other services.

The Lichtenthal Alley has become something like the city’s legend. It is the most beautiful and green place in the city. It has very old trees and a charming bridge over the river…

And if you want to admire beautiful creation that has come out of the human’s hands, look into Faberge Museum. It is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the ticket is €13 for adults and €6 for children. Children under 12 are allowed free of charge. The museum has a collection of the amazing items made by the famous master. And there are also a lot of rare showpieces related to his bright personality.

Curious landmarks in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is a small town (there are only 50 000 citizens) and it is absolutely possible to walk it all on foot. This is what you need to do! For example, take a walk to the pavilion of mineral waters. First of all, it is just a beautiful location and, second, you can try mineral water free of charge (bring with you or buy on spot a disposable cup). This water is non-carbonated, warm and easy to drink. 

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In Baden-Baden, you should also visit Genneranlage Rose Garden, one of the most beautiful places in the city. The entrance is also free. The garden is open every day from 9 a.m. until the sunset. You can have a walk, take pictures and just relax. Everything in Baden-Baden is helping to revitalize. You will see it by yourself, slowly wandering around the town.

Christmas in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is an amazing resort with very impressive architecture and beautiful natural landscapes. This is the most famous resort in Germany, the hot springs of which help to heal many diseases. That is why Russian aristocrats and European celebrities came over here for spa waters. I. Turgenev, L. Tolstoy and F. Dostoevsky regularly spent time here and mentioned this town in their works. But the most fabulous time in Baden-Baden is definitely December!

Before Christmas, Baden-Baden is getting dressed into millions of lights and gets decorated. The restaurants are serving different delicacies and outdoor Christmas markets are offering mulled wine, potatoes, pizza and meat. A big number of tourists from different countries celebrate Catholic Christmas here.

How to get to the center from Baden-Baden Airport

The bus from the airport goes to the Railway station of Baden-Baden. You can buy a ticket from the terminal on the bus stop at the airport exit, or get it from the driver. There is also Russian language option in the ticket terminal.


One ticket is €3.60. It can be used for 3 hours and allows any number of transfers within one direction. Thus, I arrived at the Railway Station, changed to another bus, got to my hotel, dropped my bags and, using the same ticket, reached the city center. Just remember to insert the ticket into the yellow ticket validator machine to check it in.

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