Strasbourg is fairly considered one of the most beautiful cities of France, but some of its attractions are really unique.


I could not resist from coming to Strasbourg on Christmas holidays to see its famous toy bears!  The city itself looks like a live fairy tale in winter!



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What to see in Strasbourg?

If you are arriving to Strasbourg by train you will, first of all, get to see its Railway Station. During the recent reconstruction it has acquired new beautiful glass inserts. Overall, it is a very beautiful building that deserves more attention than just a glance in a rush.

My foot tour around Strasbourg started from the Railway Station along the street Rue du Maire Kuss that begins from the Gare de Stratsbourg and leads to the river channel Canal du Faux-Rempart passing through numerous cafes and restaurants.

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Attractions in Strasbourg

If you are looking for some interesting places in Strasbourg, start from the district called “Little France”.  This is almost 500 year old part of the town with well-preserved buildings, where you will feel like stepping back in time. It has a fairly deserved status of UNESCO world heritage.

It is worth to see the island Grande-Ile located in the historical center of Strasbourg.  It is called “Big Island” as its area is framed by the river Ile from one side and the channel Du Faux-Rempart from the other side.

The bridges Ponts Couverts are also here. These bridges were built as fortifications in 1250. The name stands for “Covered Bridges” due to their wooden roofs that served as the protection during the war. 

If you want to continue your time travelling, see Vauban Dam. There are plenty of interesting stories connected to it, and if you climb to the panorama terrace you will see the view of the city from a very interesting point.

This side of the city is the area of lots of restaurants with the river-side terraces. This pleasant recreation place is not as crowded as the restaurants in the city center.

The Kleber Square is one of the most picturesque places in Strasbourg and it is the most popular point of meeting for tourists. One can easily distinguish it from all the other city’s spots by the colored buildings around the square with the fountain in the middle. You can also do your shopping here and have a nice sit in the shadow, or dine in one of the excellent restaurants. In November it becomes a location of Christmas market and the New Year Tree.

Right here, available for free, there is an amazing view of the Kammerzell House as its façade is its main attraction. All the 75 windows of the building are framed with extravagant decorations of human feelings and the scenes from the Bible, of the Zodiac signs and mythological characters. The Maison Kammerzell is one of the most remarkable medieval historical monuments. 

Along with the other landmarks of Strasbourg, The Cathedral of Strasbourg also deserves your attention.


It is open for visits from 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. in summer and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in winter. The entrance fee is 4,4 EUR for adults and 2 EUR for kids.

Christmas in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is famous among the gourmands due to its original Strasbourg pate, but moreover, it is a very beautiful city with impressive architecture and, when decorated for Christmas, it turns into the amazing fairy tale scenery! Christmas atmosphere penetrates the whole city and impresses every visitor!

The Europeans fairly call Strasbourg “Christmas Capital” because it has the oldest Christmas market in Europe with the history of more than 400 years. Every year on Christmas Eve the square of Notre-Dame, where the market is located, is hosts more than 2 million visitors from all over the world. You will surely get excited meeting so many different kinds of people here! 

The facades of the houses on the square are really worth to see – they have really admirable decorations, one better, than the other. December is the right time to visit Strasbourg, and from here you can also have a one day trip to Colmar which is only half an hour away from Strasbourg.

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