Photoshoot in Edinburgh

Photo shoot in Edinburgh is a unique opportunity not only to walk with the photographer around the streets of this ancient city, but also to capture the amazing unique atmosphere of Edinburgh.


If you are in Edinburgh, you can’t pass by the Royal Mile that contains the most of the touristic shops colored with the variety of Scotch cloths and whiskeys. This historical artery of the city, one of the iconic landmarks of Edinburg, is heading to the Edinburgh Castle, so you can take few shots on your way there on the background of the traditional red boxes and original side streets, listening to the street singers and soaking up the special atmosphere of Edinburgh.

Everybody who is lucky to visit Edinburg has to be strong to be able to leave it, as you are really getting stuck here, attracted by all the interesting things you can do in this city.


It seems to be less expensive and more exciting to keep the memories of your visit in the exciting and unique photographs, than just to buy tons of souvenirs.

Photographer in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is not going to surprise you with the high buildings, like New York, here you will not come across the historical remains, like in Rome, and the weather will not delight you with warm sun, like in Barcelona. In this city you will be taken away by the medieval atmosphere of the ancient town that is prevailing here and enchanting everybody.


The photographer in Edinburgh will take you through the most beautiful and lovely streets to capture the shots that will reflect the fascinating atmosphere of the city and your precious unforgettable emotions here. 

Edinburgh photography price

Typically, the local photographer prices start from 250 GBP:


1 hour - 250 GBP

2 hours - 400 GBP

4 hours - 550 GBP



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Wedding photographer in Edinburgh

If you are planning to have a wedding event in Edinburgh or just a walk around the city in the wedding dresses, the wedding photographer in Edinburgh will help you to memorize the brightest moments of this day. The wedding photographer can also create a beautiful wedding photo book or print the photographs on the canvas or silk.

Уou can find more details and price on this page. Typically, the Edinburgh wedding photographer's prices start from 1500 GBP. 

Photographer for events, conferences and exhibitions in Edinburgh

If you require reportage photography and video shooting of events, exhibitions and conferences in Edinburgh, you can find all the details on this page.