Stockholm in one day

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What to see in Stockholm in one day

Since my trip came up a day before departure, I did not have time to study the guidebooks at all.

But during my breakfast in a cafe, I started a conversation with a local lady, who quickly found a map for me and marked the places that were must-visit.

I have to mention, that ABBA Museum, the Oceanarium, Luna Park, Carlson and the metro were not in my plan at all. I just wanted to walk around the city and feel its atmosphere.

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Old town. Gamla stan.

I started my walk around Stockholm from the Old Town.

Cozy streets, colorful houses, an abundance of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops create a unique environment of this northern city.

In the Old Town, you can look into:

Nobel Prize Museum,

The Big Square,

Number of different churches - Finnish, German, St. Nicholas,

The Riksdag,

Royal Coin Cabinet.

And see the “Boy Looking the Moon” and many other monuments that you will meet along your way,

And some more...

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The Royal Palace of Stockholm

By the way, the Royal Palace of Stockholm is the current palace and the official residence of the King of Sweden.


Open hours:

In the periods of 01.02 to 14.05 and 15.09 to 30.12 it is working from 12 o’clock till 3 p.m. (Monday is day-off)

In the periods 15.05 to 31.05 and 01.09 to 14.09 it is working daily from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.

In the period of 01.06 to 31.08 it is working daily from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.


Entry fees:

Adults — 150 SEK (around €15)

School children/students — 75 SEK

Children under 7 y/o — free of charge

The Royal Chapel 

In the southern part of the Royal Palace, facing the Slottsbakken Street, there is the Royal Chapel.


Working hours

Open from May to September


Entrance is free.

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Marten Trotzigs Lane. The narrowest street in Stockholm.


On the way from the Royal Palace in the direction of Södermalm, you can look into the narrowest street in Stockholm -
Mårten Trotzigs gränd.


It is not a picturesque place at all, but it will bring you down the bridge.


Södermalm is one district in the central part of Stockholm city, which is located on the island with the same name. I walked there after visiting the Old Town.

The best panorama of Stockholm.

The island of Södermalm is the place that offers the most beautiful view of Stockholm.

Following the recommendations of the local lady, I went to observe this scenery over a cup of coffee in one very popular place in Stockgolm.

Gondolen. Sodermalm, Stockholm.

This is a cafe and restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view on Stockholm.

You can take a coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy this beautiful sight of the city.

Location: Stadsgården 6, 104 65 Stockholm

Monteliusvägen, Stockholm

It is a classic panoramic outdoor terrace stretching along the bank for few meters.

You will easily find it with the direction signs and its red fence, as another hint.

Stockholm Rooftop Tour

If time allows, you can go on a rooftop tour of Stockholm.

The price is 595 SEK

And don't forget about some souvenirs. What to bring from Sweden?

Of course, you have to buy some gifts with the image of a moose, the most popular animal in Sweden!

You will find a wide variety of different cute souvenirs with the moose from T-shirts, baseball caps, mugs, spoons, coins, magnets, postcards, plush toys, badges to even the cookie cutters in the shape of a moose.

There is a reason why the moose is the icon of Sweden.


By the XIX century moose were on the edge of extinction in Sweden because of hunting. And in order to preserve the population of these animals, they took protection measures.


As a result, the moose population has grown to a huge number all over Sweden. This even caused the establishment of a new road sign in the country, warning the drivers about a possibility of a moose on the road. Such signs are now widely used on magnets and postcards.

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