Photoshoot in Venice

Photo shoot in Venice is a wonderful walk with the photographer around the most romantic Italian city! 

The canals, bridges, pizza, pasta, Venetian Lagoon, streets, gondolas, an ice-cream and the unique Italian atmosphere! This is exactly the place, from which you want to bring the memories in the bright and emotional pictures! Venice is, indeed, fabulous and amazing!

Photographer in Venice

Photographer in Venice can offer to you different options of the route based on your interests, duration, theme and timing of the photo shoot. The most effective duration is from 2-4 hours. Within this time you can take pictures in the iconic locations and popular landmarks, such as San Marko and the Panoramic Terrace, as well as to shoot in a gondola and in some cozy beautiful streets. 

The best timing for the photo shoot in Venice in summer is early in the morning or just before the sun set. This is the time, when your walk with the photographer will be the most enjoyable and pleasant before it gets crowded with tourists and the shooting will be very difficult. Nevertheless, no matter what time you choose, the photographer still can offer to you few places in the city that are not so crowded, and you can still have a very peaceful and pleasant photo shoot.

In case you are shooting during off-season, you can choose any time of the day. Don’t be scared of cloudy weather. Venice is a gorgeous background even during the rain and mist, and it is possible to shoot incredibly beautiful and atmospheric photographs!

Venice photography price

Typically, the local photographer prices start from 300 EUR:


2 hours - 300 EUR

4 hours - 500 EUR
Sunrise photo shoot — 350 EUR



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Wedding photographer in Venice

Wedding photo shoot in Venice – it will be the photographs in the most cute and beautiful streets of the town, the pictures conveying the authentic atmosphere of Italy and its romantic spirit. If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Venice, you can find details and price on this page. Typically, the Venice wedding photographer's prices start from 1500 EUR.

Photographer for events, conferences and exhibitions in Venice

If you require reportage photography and video shooting of events, exhibitions and conferences in Venice, you can find all the details on this page.