Photo shoot in Milan

Photoshoot in Milan will help you to capture all its majesty and luxury. You can start exploring the city by a walk around the graceful Ghotic Milan Cathedral. A promenade around the colorful Pinacoteca di Brera will provide you with awesome backdrops of its white shining columns, balconies and staircases. 

Your photo shoot can be enriched by unforgettable natural views of Sempione Park with its fountains, footpaths, bright flower beds and admirable Italian landscape.

Photographer in Milan

Photographer in Milan will offer to your choice a variety of the photo shoot routs. The amazing city with its authentic beauty will not leave any traveler untouched.

Milan photography price

Typically, the local photographer prices start from 200 EUR:


1 hour - 200 EUR

2 hours - 350 EUR

4 hours - 600 EUR


You will find more details and current prices for a photoshoot in Milan here.


Wedding photographer in Milan

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Milan, you can find details and price on this page. Typically, the Milan wedding photographer prices start from 1000 EUR.

Photographer for events, conferences and exhibitions in Milan

If you require reportage photography and video shooting of events, exhibitions and conferences in Milan, you can find all the details on this page.

How to prepare for a photo shoot in Milan: the best time to shoot in Milan.


Milan rightfully tops the list of Italy's most beautiful cities and has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for years. This makes a photo shoot in Milan on a summer day a challenge.

For a photographer in Milan good light is important and you are more interested in comfortable weather. Summers in Milan are hot and dry, with average temperatures of +28°C from June to August.

If you want to have a photo shoot in Milan between May and September, you should aim for earlier in the morning, from around 6-7 o'clock.

In the autumn and winter months, you can start the shoot around 8-10am, which is comfortable for you and the photographer.

A photo shoot in Milan at sunset will give a lot of pleasant impressions from the view of the beautiful city located near the mountains decorated with snowy peaks, but at this hour it is impossible to avoid the tourists in the background. For a sunset photo shoot in Milan, the photographer can suggest a panoramic setting on the terrace of the Milan Cathedral or the Rinacente terrace with a delightful view of the city.


How to prepare for your photo shoot in Milan: clothing, makeup.


A photographer in Milan can advise you on how to choose the best clothes for your shoot.
For a photo shoot in Milan, you should avoid black shades in clothing. The image complement the bright and juicy shades or clothes in pastel tones.

As the city is very big and a walk with a photographer can drag on for several kilometres, you should wear comfortable shoes for the photo shoot in Milan. Shoes are more comfortable to use only in the photo locations.